Influencer Pauly0x Collects $1M ETH by Promising Nothing In Return

In a recent social experiment that rocked the cryptocurrency sector, crypto influencer Pauly0x collected over $1 million in Ethereum from followers after publicly requesting funds and promising nothing in return​. He dubbed his Ethereum wallet, aptly named “yougetnothing.eth,” the venue for this unique experiment. Send ETH here: 0x8DFD4f307B6011D4CB21007FD5658f0686523938 — PAULY (@Pauly0x) May 30, 2023 On May 30, Pauly0x shared his wallet address with a GIF from the iconic movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, featuring the phrase “You Get Nothing!” The account reportedly received approximately $80 worth of Ethereum within the first seven minutes, and the collection swelled to over $1 million within a day, thanks to a tweet that garnered 1.2 million views​​. At the time of writing, the wallet balance was over 579 Ethereum (ETH)​​. Intriguingly, several transactions repeated specific amounts, with ten addresses sending between 5 and 7 ETH,

How to Stake Solana?

Since its debut in April 2019, Solana has made great strides in the DeFi, NFT, and Web3 sectors. In Solana, there are hundreds of projects in progress, and there will be more shortly. The company’s key selling point is “low cost, forever,” according to the website of Solana. The network and various blockchains, including Ethereum, are directly competing with one another. Solana in a Nutshell As an open-source blockchain technology with web-scale capabilities, Solana enables developers and organizations worldwide to build decentralized apps (DApps) with faster transaction speeds. This blockchain platform was built by its designers to offer the essential framework for high-performance decentralized apps. By utilizing cutting-edge computational technology, it can handle a high number of nodes and scale transaction throughput proportionally while also utilizing network bandwidth. To increase performance and scalability, Solana uses a combination of proof-of-stake (PoS) an

Polygon (MATIC) Taps Deutsche Telekom Partnership

Per the terms of the partnership, Deutsche Telekom has become one of the 100 validators on the Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. One of the perks of this collaboration is that while the telecommunications platform is exploring the full potential of blockchain technology, it would also contribute to Polygon ’s security and decentralization. advertisement Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading telecommunications companies that is dedicated to improving the ETH ecosystem.  Its latest alliance with the L2 platform further accentuates its commitment. According to the announcement, Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary, Deutsche Telekom MMS, will provide both staking and validation services for both Polygon’s PoS network and Supernet solutions.  Polygon Blockchain Gains Recognition Across Industries While Deutsche Telekom MMS offers its validation nodes to Polygon, it would also assist in securing the Polygon PoS side chains and Supernet app chain. In effect, it would

Does Walmart Take Samsung Pay?

Are you a Walmart shopper who is looking for a different way to buy household items or groceries? If so, are you looking to use Samsung Pay service as a payment method at the retail giant? This is definitely not good news for Samsung Pay fans, as Walmart doesn’t accept Samsung Pay. This means that you can’t use Samsung Pay to pay for there. If you are shopping at Walmart and want to know whether Samsung Pay is accepted or whether they started accepting Samsung Pay, read ahead. Also read: Does Albertsons Take Apple Pay? Source: CNET What is Samsung Pay, and how does it work? Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service that was created by Samsung Electronics. It works similarly to Google Pay in that it enables customers to send and receive money using their smartphones or other Samsung-compatible devices. Samsung Pay ’s capacity to support a variety of payment methods, including Near Field Communication (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technologies, is one of its st

Cardano Founder Says Bitcoin Ordinals Should Migrate to Cardano

Cardano founder backs Bitcoin Ordinals as he presents Cardano as the ideal ecosystem for housing the recently-introduced NFT project. In a recent YouTube Ask Me Anything (AMA) session , Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, waded into the ongoing discussions surrounding Bitcoin Ordinals, a recent innovation on the Bitcoin blockchain. Hoskinson expressed his belief that the Cardano ecosystem would be a more suitable home for Bitcoin Ordinals, emphasizing the network’s superior infrastructure and capabilities. He further highlighted Cardano’s robust ecosystem as a compelling advantage for hosting Bitcoin Ordinals.  “Thoughts on Ordinals? Outside of them lifting something from Math, they should migrate to Cardano. We have a much better ecosystem,” the IOHK Chief declared. With its advanced technological framework and focus on scalability, Hoskinson believes Cardano offers a more comprehensive solution for accommodating the expanded data requirements of Bitcoin Ordinal

GTA 6 to Have Real Money Transactions?

Rumors are rife that Rockstar Games could incorporate real money in the upcoming and most-awaited GTA 6 . The in-game monetization could allow users to pay with real currency to purchase various items in the gameplay. Top gaming outlet Game Rant highlighted that its parent company Take-Two Interactive plans to build additional wealth through pricey in-game goods. Also Read: GTA 6 : On Budget of $1 Billion, Will the Game Include Cryptocurrency? “ GTA 6 focusing on online from its release would continue to cement the franchise’s association with in-game monetization and long-term updates,” wrote Game Rant. The article also stated that Take-Two Interactive aims to create additional “wealth” through “pricey in-game goods” . If the development goes through, the move could be “both divisive and extremely profitable” wrote the outlet. However, none of the speculations are confirmed as Rockstar Games has not given an official statement on the development. We will have to wait f

Is It Time For Solana (SOL) Holders To Turn Towards RenQ Finance (RENQ)?

While most tokens have been on a recovery from the 2022 market downturn, others have fallen behind. Solana (SOL) is among the latter. The once-hailed “Ethereum killer” has continued to underperform, causing many investors to dump their tokens. Meanwhile, RenQ Finance (RENQ) has emerged as a favorite to replace Solana’s dominance in the industry. The new market entrant has achieved major milestones despite only launching in 2023. So, is it time to dump SOL for RENQ? Read on to find out. Solana (SOL) Price Analysis and Prediction Solana’s current price is $19.40, 0.41% up in the last 24 hours.  Solana (SOL) is trading 2.34% down in the past week and 92.09% down from it’s all-time high. The coin peaked at $260.06 during the 2021 market rally. According to a price prediction by CoinCodex, Solana (SOL) will continue to fall over the next month to trade at $17.38 on June 24, 2023. Solana (SOL) has encountered many challenges recently that have led to its dramatic fall. For insta